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Eric Anderson (@ericmander) meets with Davit Buniatyan (@DBuniatyan) of Activeloop, the database for AI. Davit was inspired to found Activeloop while working on large datasets in a neuroscience research lab at Princeton. Powering the technology at Activeloop is Hub, the open-source dataset format for AI applications. Join us to learn how Hub promises to enhance and expand various verticals in deep learning.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Reconfiguring traditional ML tooling for the cloud
  • Connectomics - working with thin slices of a mouse brain with neuroscientist Sebastian Seung
  • Choosing between university, a start-up, and open-source
  • Davit’s original product, that ran computation on crypto mining GPUs on a distributed scale
  • Focusing on different data modalities for computer vision


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