From Orchestration to Building Applications: Conductor with Jeu George

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About this Episode

Jeu George (@jeugeorge) is the co-creator of Conductor, the open-source application building platform. Conductor began as a workflow orchestrator and was originally developed at Netflix. Jeu also co-founded Orkes, a company which offers a cloud product based on Conductor. Tune in to find out how Conductor has evolved into an open-source, battle-tested distributed application platform.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • The core tenets of building Conductor - reliability, language and cloud agnosticism

  • How Conductor enables teams to share and manage their custom modules

  • The role of Conductor in Netflix’s switch from licensed to original content

  • Jeu’s journey from Netflix, to Uber, and finally to Orkes

  • How Orkes is focusing on integrations and AI orchestration moving forward


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