Cosmonic and WebAssembly with Liam Randall and Bailey Hayes

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Eric Anderson (@ericmander) has a conversation with Liam Randall (@Hectaman) and Bailey Hayes (@baihay) of Cosmonic, the platform-as-a-service environment for building cloud-native applications using WebAssembly. Bailey is also on the steering committee for the Bytecode Alliance, which stewards WebAssembly. In 2021, Cosmonic donated their WebAssembly runtime, wasmCloud, to the CNCF as an open-source project. Today, Liam and Bailey trace the history of WebAssembly, and their personal paths alongside it.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How WebAssembly came together over the last decade to become the fourth standardized language of the web
  • The moments when Bailey and Liam both realized they might be changing the future of computing
  • Modding Microsoft Flight Simulator with Wasm modules
  • Liam’s thoughts on how WebAssembly will affect business models going forward


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