tea with Max Howell

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About this Episode

Eric Anderson (@ericmander) meets legendary open-source developer Max Howell (@mxcl) to talk about tea, a decentralized protocol for remunerating the open-source ecosystem. Max is the creator of Homebrew, and he chats about his exit from the project. The conversation turns to his newest project, tea, which is an evolution of Brew, and takes inspiration from blockchain technology. They also discuss Max’s famous interview at Google and his time working for Apple.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Max’s experience creating Homebrew, one of the largest open-source projects ever
  • The utility of Web3 beyond decentralized finance
  • Writing a white paper for tea, “just like everyone else”
  • Why Max wants a global team, with people in every time zone
  • How tea ensures a sustainable future for open-source


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