Temporal (Part 2) with Maxim Fateev and Dominik Tornow

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Eric Anderson (@ericmander) returns to Temporal with co-founder Maxim Fateev (@mfateev) and principal engineer Dominik Tornow (@DominikTornow). When Maxim joined us in September of 2020, the company called their project a “workflow orchestrator.” Today, Temporal has grown in popularity and usability, but the terminology around that abstraction has changed. Tune in to track the evolution of what Maxim calls a genuinely “new category of software.”

In this episode we discuss:

  • New features and developments in the last 2 years
  • The proper way to pronounce “Temporal”
  • How Temporal guarantees that workflow execution actually runs to execution
  • Describing Temporal as a new pair of glasses
  • Replay, Temporal’s first developer conference on August 25-26, in Seattle


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