Rethinking the Workflow Problem: Windmill with Ruben Fiszel

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About this Episode

Ruben Fiszel (@rubenfiszel) is the creator of Windmill, the open-source developer platform that lets users easily turn scripts into workflows and internal apps with auto-generated UIs. Windmill doesn’t force engineers to change their coding style or adopt a convoluted API, and its low-code design makes it accessible to non-technical users. Tune in to find out how Windmill offers speed, performance and flexibility, while avoiding the limitations of rigid tools.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • Why many engineers try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to workflow engines

  • When Ruben first saw the need for a platform like Windmill while working at Palantir

  • “Today is the nicest period to build open-source…”

  • Ruben’s incredible presence with support and bug fixes

  • Windmill’s generous open-source offerings and the future of the business


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