Gitpod with Sven Efftinge, Christian Weichel and Gero Posmyk-Leinemann


December 30th, 2020

26 mins 2 secs

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About this Episode

Eric Anderson (@ericmander) chats with Sven Efftinge (@svenefftinge), Christian Weichel (@csweichel) and Gero Posmyk-Leinemann (Github: @geropl) about their work on Gitpod, an open-source Kubernetes application that allows engineers to spin up a server-side dev-environment from a Git repository, all within their browser. The three team members are part of TypeFox, a consulting firm that specialized in developer tools for different companies before branching out into open-source projects. Upon Gero’s hiring at TypeFox, he was tasked with creating a minimum viable product for the idea that would eventually become Gitpod. Tune in to hear how shifting from consulting to working on their own open-source projects was a breath of fresh air for the developers at TypeFox.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Gitpod solves the problem of switching between multiple dev environments, and improves deep code review
  • The trap that many open-source founders fall into
  • Why TypeFox wanted to switch from a consulting firm to a product shop
  • Details on how Gitpod handles licensing
  • Learn how you can instantly try out a Gitpod environment for any existing Github repository


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