oso with Graham Neray


December 16th, 2020

28 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

Eric Anderson (@ericmander) interviews Graham Neray (@grahamneray) about oso, the open-source policy engine for authorization. oso was originally born from a desire to make infrastructure and security easier for developers, which is why Graham and his company describe themselves as being in the “friction-removal business.” Listen to today’s episode to learn how the team at oso are working to put security in the hands of developers.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Developers building RBAC (role-based access control) systems over and over again
  • Why open-source is the best way to handle authorization logic
  • The history behind oso’s core policy language, Polar
  • How someone beat Graham to the punch submitting oso to a Python newsletter
  • Comparing oso and OPA (Open Policy Agent)


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