Automation for Technical People: n8n with Jan Oberhauser

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About this Episode

Jan Oberhauser (@JanOberhauser) is the founder and CEO of n8n, the free and source-available workflow automation tool for technical users. n8n's flexible architecture allows users to avoid the limitations of other automation tools, while also opening doors for complex automation scenarios. The project has garnered over 30,000 GitHub stars and a thriving community of 55,000+ members.

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In this episode we discuss:

  • How Jan’s background in film effects laid the groundwork for n8n

  • Why n8n uses a forum over Discord or Slack for a community platform

  • Use cases from scheduling fitness classes to upgrading financial mainframes

  • How n8n might stack up against the well-thought out Python script

  • Why n8n uses a fair-code license rather than open-source


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