Deephaven with Pete Goddard

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About this Episode

Eric Anderson (@ericmander) sits down with Pete Goddard (@pete_paco) to talk about Deephaven, the open-core query engine built for real-time streams and batch data. Pete is the CEO of Deephaven Data Labs, and comes to the data world from a background in capital markets trading. Deephaven originally addressed a need for real-time data infrastructure in the finance world, but the team realized how useful their technology could be in a wider variety of verticals. Join us for Pete’s unique perspective on reaching out into alternate industries and use cases through community development.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Pete transitioned from Wall Street to open-source software
  • Selling investors on open-source
  • Two questions people always ask Pete
  • The luxury of Deephaven’s incremental update model
  • Barrage, Deephaven’s API for streaming tables that extends Apache Arrow Flight


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